Subject protection and data quality are our priority.

Our company is a dedicated Clinical Research facility located in Miami, Florida.    We are an independent research site that utilizes Central IRB's. We specialize in conducting Phase II-IV clinical trials which investigational medications being developed by pharmaceuticals companies.

We recognize the importance of timely start-up and thorough documentation processing from initial contact through completion. It is our commitment to have a smooth and quick start up process to get our study open and running in a fast fashion.

We are centrally located in Miami city, 3.5 miles from Miami International Airport and 0.2 miles from a major hospital. We have access to a big and multicultural population.

Also, we have access to imaging and local labs facilities with convenience access for our subjects, including but not limited to: 

  • Metropolitan Hospital: 0.2 miles            

Diagnostic imaging services: MRI, CT scanner, Multi-slice spiral CT, Diagnostic Radioisotope facility, Ultrasound.   

  • University Miami Hospital: 5 miles


  • Radiology Center: 1 mile                                


  • United Laboratory Services: 2 miles


  • Biotech Clinical Laboratories: 2.5 miles

Other features within BioMed:

  • 24 hour emergency phone number.

  • QA audit tools and procedures for FDA compliance.

  • Large detailed database.

  • High speed internet access with wireless capabilities.

  • Open evenings and weekends as needed.

Contact Us


Research Institute

701 NW 57 Ave Ste 220

       Miami, FL 33126


Phone: (305) 267-4123

Fax:     (305) 267-4125

E-Fax: (305) 675-6181

Business Hours

Monday through Friday

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

We are member of the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS)

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